Trap Receiver gets the job done

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Quality that you deserve

First lets start with the features in Trap Receiver. Sure, there are many programs that receive traps, but Trap Receiver stands alone with its extensive set of actions. Actions get the job done. Whether it is sending an email, playing a sound, forwarding, or executing an external program. In addition, Trap Receiver makes the trap data available to each action.

Let's not forget Trap Receiver's other quality characteristics. Low resource utilization (it does not hog the computer), lights out processing, and uptime. Trap Receiver has been in production since 1997 and has achieved a reputation for being rock solid.

Simply the best

Trap Receiver is simple enough. What it does, it does well. Its ease is brilliant. Its efficiency is unparalled. Its operation, flawless. That is why Trap Receiver is used in thousands of organization in over 40 countries.


The SNMP Trap message. A marvel of communication effectivness. Trap Receiver has been processing these messages since 1997. Trap Receiver gets the data into your back office systems where it can be put to use. Trap Receiver was created by network, systems, and management professionals used to producing and consuming these messages to get the job done.

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